Original Beans

We love making pure, delicious chocolate, but we didn’t create Original Beans just to put another bar on the shelf. Original Beans was founded on a passion for making the finest chocolate and for replenishing what we consume.

Multi Award Winning Original Beans from the earth’s rarest places .

A message from our Founder

Like other tree fruits, cacao is infused with flavours from the environment in which it grows. Its seeds are full of nutrition and when harvested, fermented and dried with craft, they reveal the unique characters of their distinct origins. Since 2008, our “Bean Team” travels into the rarest places on earth to bring Original Beans to you.

What a delicious, sustainable journey it continues to be. Original Beans chocolates consistently win the most prestigious tasting awards and are preferred by top chefs around the world. And through our One Bar : One Tree program, we have planted and preserved over 1 million trees in the cacao origins, carrying on my family’s tradition of forest conservation that began 220 years ago.

May your day be full of Beans!

Philipp Kau mann, Chief Grower