Chile wine set

180 ₪ 200 ₪
Wine Set:

What's the perfect gift for the loving wine enthusiasts?

You can't go wrong with our World Premium Wine Gift Set. This popular wine set is the world's second most adored offering and certainly one of the most prestigious. This Wine Gift Set offers hand-selected wines from various regions around the world, all of which are famous for their unique renditions of the classic grape.

Our  Gift Set makes an elegant gift for any wine lover and you don't have to worry about one bottle being enough because this wine gift set includes two!

These three wines are elegantly presented in a gift box and you have the option to upgrade to a cedar box, add wine opener to complete your gift. 

Wines Included: 

  • Araucano Reserva Cabarnet Sauvignon
  • Humo Blanco Sauvignon Blanc Organic 2016
  • Kawin Cabernet Sauvignon

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