LA ORO Gold Intense Extra Virgin Olive 250 ml

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LA Organic Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil

LA ORO is an exceptional and limited edition extra virgin olive oil, like a ̈Gran Reserva ̈/ ̈Great Vintage ̈, with distinct tones of fruit and vegetables, also complex fresh green sensations. The packaging has been exclusively created by Philippe Starck. It is giving a unique format for Spanish olive oil for the first time ever. Ideal for gourmets that seek complexity and intensity in the preparation of their dishes.

It has an agile and energetic palate, with tones of green tomato, apple and walnut. The plainly Spanish character comes from its fleshiness and agreeable aftertaste. A bright, vivacious oil with deliciously fragrant notes of wild flowers and fresh vegetables. Rich in texture, it boasts a robust tangy flavor with peppery overtones, leaving a satisfying aftertaste.

Varieties of olives: Picudo


The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Monovarietal – Intense Fruity - Flos Olei 2016

Golden Olive – International Olive Oil Competition in Zurich 2015

Best Organic - International Olive Oil Competiition in Zurich 2015

Best of Spain – International Olive Oil Competiition in Zurich 2015

Gold medal - Oil China 2013- LA Oro Intenso Gold medal - Oil China 2013- LA Oro Suave Gold medal - Biol- Italia 2013

SOL D ́ORO – Special Mention Italia 2013

Gold medal - New York International Olive Oil Competition UU.EE 2013

Gold medal - Ecotrama Spain- Biocórdoba 2012

Best olive oils in the world: Feinschmecker 2012

2 Gold medals - Los Angeles Olive Oil Competition 2011

Award of the best design Innoval 2010 , in the category of oils and vinegars Fair Alimentaria 2010 Barcelona FAB Awards 2010 packaging category.

Elite Gourmet: Selected between the best Spanish olive oils.

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