La piu Belle 2013

400 ₪

La Piu Belle is the goddess of nature, love, fertility, beauty and art. She is the goddess of VIK, our place of gold in the Millahue Valley. She is the mystical world’s personification of our incredible terroir. She embodies the sun enlightening the mist covering the Millahue Valley at dawn. She incarnates the freshness of the Pacific coastal and Andean mountain breezes cooling our grapes during the luminescent summer. She is the gentle rains giving life to our vines, enhancing and liberating the fragrance of the green and luxurious native flora and fauna surrounding our vineyard. She is the complexity of our soils, the roundness of our hills and beauty of our valleys.

La Piu Belle is intensely emotional and very beautiful; the most beautiful. She has been given to VIK to give us our beautiful wines. She gave birth to our vineyards and cries tears of red gold out of joy for what she has created. These tears of red gold, our wines, are her gifts to the world.

Fresh, Elegant, Intense, beautiful.

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