Sorgin Gin Bordeaux, France.
Sorgin Gin Bordeaux, France.

Sorgin Gin Bordeaux, France.

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SORGIN, The Gin That Bewitches.

SORGIN, TRANSCENDE LE SAUVIGNON BLANC . THE GRAPE AS THE FOUNDATION: POWER AND ROUNDNESS . The vast majority of gins on the market today are produced from grains or tubers. SORGIN is produced using grapes, thereby embracing a triple heritage: the family legacy of a grandfather who was a distiller, the passion passed on for Aquitaine’s wine-growing terroir, and the tradition of the first juniper-flavoured spirits that appeared in the 13th century. Unlike grain spirits, the spirit produced using wine is soft and silky, with a natural warmth. Creating a new sensation on the palate, it offers an excellent expression of Sauvignon Blanc, capturing all its richness and complexity. SORGIN: TRANSCENDING SAUVIGNON BLANC Oscillating between pastel green and deep, warm yellow, Sauvignon Blanc is a grape variety with a distinctive and extremely expressive character. Crisp and tart in early maturity, it then becomes golden in colour, well-rounded, sweet and mellow on the palate. The precious grapes, after vinification and distillation, are enhanced with plant extracts, reinforcing the flavours that occur naturally in its aromatic palette (citrus, blackcurrant buds, violets, broom, etc.). Sorgin thus becomes a bridge between the finesse and complexity of the wine, and the power of the spirit. SORGIN - GIN AND SAUVIGNON Inspired by Sauvignon flavours, Sorgin is a Premium Distilled Gin, enriched with carefully selected aromatic plants and citrus fruits. Based on a traditional recipe, Sorgin was inspired by François Lurton’s passion for Sauvignon Blanc, a delicate, fruity, complex grape variety. Sorgin’s 43% alcohol content is sufficiently strong to be enjoyed as a long drink with a premium tonic or delicately blended in a more refined, elaborate cocktail. The pronounced juniper flavour is balanced by the roundness and fruitiness of the Sauvignon, appealing to both gin connoisseurs and novices seeking new taste experiences.

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